Sunday, August 29, 2010

Park City Fun

We took the kids up to Park City the other day. The boys wanted to do the Alpine Slide, but Grace wanted no part in that we walked around and took pictures of my darling princess.

I took a picture of Joe too....this was the best I could get. Nick is like a Animal in the wild....near impossible to get a picture of the bugger.
Got some shots of Paul, he loves having his picture taking......not that I blame him, he's HOT!
Grace said.."Mom take a picture of this face!" .....I love that face!
Paul putting a band aid on......sweet.
Grace telling Paul a secret.....sweeter.
Nick on the bungee thingy......he was all strapped in, no way to run away this time. He loved this thing, but he's so light he didn't always make it back down. But he did get some flips in.
Jonas DID NOT love this one point he yelled out.."Mother, you know I don't like heights."......he only calls me Mother now, I have flashes of Buster Blooth.
The kids enjoying their treats at the end of our adventure....notice Grace giving me a nice smile and the boys refusing to look in my direction....sigh.

P.S. the surgery went well and I am feeling fine. It actually was one of the most relaxing weeks of my life. the kids were gone....and I just sat in bed all day watching tv and movies....but mostly sleeping....and I never sleep. In fact it's 3 am right now and I can't sleep......

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Do your ears hang low ?

Warning- for to two men that sometimes read my blog (Grandpa and Noah) might want to skip this one.

Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow? Can you through them over your shoulder like a continental your boobs hang low?

Well mine on Monday I'm going to remedy that situation. Yup that's right I'm getting the first surgery in a 2 part series. You may be asking yourself "why two parts"? Well I'll tell you... when the plastic surgeon took a look at them you could see fear in his eyes...and he let out a small gasp. Then went on to explain that to fix these babies properly I would have to get a lift and a reduction first and a implant 4 months later.

Now you may be asking yourself "Why in the world is she telling me this?" The answer is simple...number one, I don't want people wondering if I got "something" done...I'd rather just be up front about it. 2nd I haven't written anything in my blog lately and this is the most exciting thing to happen for awhile, so why not.

Back to the surgery, when I scheduled the procedure a month ago I asked my mother and my husband if they would be around that week. They both said yes....well 2 weeks later my husband informed me he would be traveling that week and would miss the whole thing. I insisted that he be there for the actually surgery but he is leaving the next day. And my mother told me 2 days ago that she had to go out of town to help my brother find a place to live in NY while he goes to school. I have to say when she told me that ... I cried a little bit, the idea that to two people I depend on were not going to be there scared me to death. But luckily my AWESOME sister in laws Diana and Maryanne are going to take my kids during the recovery and my mother in law will be there to help as well...she so great! My sister Liz has also offered to come by and make sure I'm ok. This is when you have to LOVE having a large family, so many people who are willing to help in your time of need... even if that need is selfish and a tad bit superficial.

Even though I am scared of the pain and the idea that I am going to be alone through the 3 or 4 days after.... I'm excited for the results. the last 6 months I have worked really hard to change my body. I'm 2 lbs away from loosing 40 lbs and I'm in the best physical shape of my life....but this will be the icing on the cake. My breast have been a sensitive subject for me for a long time....even my mother has spent hours trying to find a bra that will make them sit in the right spot. The only thing I will miss is being able to get BIG laughs describing them to other woman.....but maybe I wont miss that either.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jonas' Birthday

My first born has hit the double digits......I have been a mother for a decade. I can't believe it. From the moment my 8lb 11 oz baby boy was placed into my young, inexperienced arms I knew my life had been changed forever.
I don't think there has been a day since Jonas was put on this earth that he hasn't made me laugh almost at much as Paul's tank top.
He is so so so funny....any of you who follow me on facebook...or read this blog have had a small taste of his comedic guineas. He is also incredibly of his class.
He's a great brother. He went shopping with his grandma Kathy for his birthday and she said he insisted of getting his brother some batteries he's needed and a treat for Nick and Grace as well. This year in school he was student of the month..his certificate said he was nominated for his compassion. I thought that was so cool, that even though he does so well academically, where he really shines is how he treats others.....What a stud!
All his Birthday dreams came trues when he got to spend the day at 7 Peaks with his dad and Nick. And when he got his dream gift of a Nintendo DSi......He's happy and were broke! It's what birthdays are all about.
Grandma and Grandpa Mecham brought over their new dog Izzey.....she loved the cake.

The princess was so grumpy she didn't even want cake....she has a sore throat. But she did yell that she said happy birthday to Jonas "like a million times"! I guess one more time wont hurt ......HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE JOE!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why haven't I blogged?

Why haven't I blogged? That's a question I have been asked a lot lately....the answer is simple, I've been trying to lose weight. I know some of you are saying that I could blog and diet at the same time....but it simply is not true for me. I have found that this goal of loosing weight, that has been escaping me for the last 5 years, takes all the focus, energy , and determination that I have in my body. And it wasn't until I came to this conclusion, that I have made any progress at all. Now I spend my life in exercise clothes and am eating things that bring me no joy but that are good for my body.....but it will be worth it. I already feel better and look better. I have lost 20 lbs.....can you believe it....20 freaking lbs in 2 months.

Any one who knows me may be wondering "how did this happen?" .......the answer is that I don't really know. One day I was eating takeout with Paul and watching the biggest loser....and as I watched these 500 lb people work so freaking hard, sweat pouring down their faces, crying and barfing but pushing through and sticking to it. I thought if they can do it...I can do it. The next day I signed up for weight watchers....even as I write that I feel embarrassed, I know I shouldn't but I do. I lost 3 1/2 lbs the first week and that was it, I was on my way!

Now this isn't a Weight Watchers commercial....I only really did it for a month (but I had done it before after I had Nick and lost 25 lbs) now I still use the tools and I might go back to the meetings if I slip back into the bad habits I had before. I would also like to add if there is any one reading this who has thought of joining WW it. And do it the right way go to the meetings I'm being a bad example. But what has really changed my life is exercise. In my whole life I have NEVER been one to work out. I HATED it!! But something has changed....The first thing I did was go to a spin class with Paul. The first time I sat on that teeny tiny bike seat....I thought there's no way I can sit on this thing for an hour. But i did..and it was HELL! I'm not joking I left that class black and blue...and more sore then I have ever been. I couldn't do all the things the instructor asked of us.....not even close, but I kept peddling and swearing under my breath and shooting dirty looks and Paul. But I thought of those people on the biggest looser and I realized that pain and sweat is part of the deal. So the next day I went for a run even though my body hurt like crazy......I was sore for a month......that's not an exaggeration. But I stuck with it, and pushed through the pain. I never thought I could do that.

Now I go to spin every Tuesday, and I keep up! I still get sore when I go to Power Pump on Thursday and I can't run very long...but every day I get stronger and push myself harder. And as I write this I am getting a little teary.....I'm really proud of myself. I've lived in a body I have hated for so long...and I never believed I could change. And I'm changing.....not only am I losing weight, but I am becoming a more confident person....strong. I'm not saying that it's still not a challenge. I love food and I love to bake and my family is starting to protest the lack of cake and cookies around the house. I still fall from time to time....only now I get back up and ride off on a spin bike. I have 25 more lbs to go before I reach my goal. I know I can get there......I didn't know that before.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I want you to take a min. and look at the picture above......THAT'S my Nicholas! That face totally defines him. He is a happy kid who loves life. This year Nick has started so many new things.....he started gymnastics and is doing so well he has already moved up a class. His small physic and strong muscles (I'm not being cute, he really is strong) make him perfect for gymnastics. He also spends his life upside down, he watches TV in a headstand.....such a cutie!
He also started snowboarding this year and Paul says he's AWESOME. Every Friday night he asked if he is going to be able to sleep because he is so excited to go snowboarding the next day.

Nick has always had his own style.....he wanted a shark tooth necklace this year. I searched and searched and finally found one. Doesn't he look awesome.
Nicholas' cake was so funny....and probably the grossest looking cake I've ever made. But it actually tasted delicious.

Nicks birthday was on a Sunday....doesn't he look sharp?
We had a birthday dinner at Grandma Kathy's .....she made one of Nicks favorite dinners, Tortilla soup. And I made all of his favorite deserts, cheesecake, peanut butter bars and chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.
Besides the shark tooth necklace all nick really wanted was an electric guitar and some lessons ....and that's what he got. I can't wait to see him rock out!

Friday, January 29, 2010

ewww sick

So I had a goal this week......I was going to make dinner every night and I was going to do all my shopping for those meals on Monday. Well today is Friday and I did it! Now, I cook all the time and I usually make a family dinner at least 3 times a week, but I thought it might be more economical to only go to the store once the whole week. And it was, I just hated being tied down to these 5 meals. But what really wore me out was the constant complaining...."WHAT is looks gross"...."Mom why did you make this, you know I hate shrimp"......."Do I HAVE to eat my salad".

And tonight....the last night of my weekly meal plan....I lost it. Paul came home and said he was going to the Jazz game with his friends, so he wasn't going to eat. The kids eyed the shrimp casserole I had made with squinty disgusted eyes. Even I didn't feel like eating it, I had been thinking about it for five days. So after watching my children take tiny nibbles and then act like they were going to barf.....I dumped the whole thing in the garbage and started to cry and said that none of them appreciated me......but the kids had already left when they saw me turn around and dump it, so poor Paul got yelled at. He didn't do anything really, I was just mad (and on my period) so bad luck for him. But he's at the game right now so don't feel too bad. And I just finished making Nicks Birthday cake and I know he will appreciate that.

So in the end I don't think I will do anymore weekly meal plans....I don't know what I was thinking.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Isn't she lovely .....

So my baby is 5. I don't want to believe it.. but I am lucky. ...Before her birthday I told her that I wasn't going to let her grow up and she had to stay my baby forever. ....Her response was this...."Mom how about you let me grow up, but I'll stay your baby forever" . Then she stuck out her little hand and said "deal". Happily I shook it. The rest of the day she laughed about how when she's a grandma I will still want her to sit on my lap...or how I will carry her up to bed when she's a teenager.
One of the things I love the most about The Princess , is how often she tells me she loves me. I mean, who wouldn't love that. All day long she hugs me and say's thing like....
"I like you so much...your the best mom ever!"
"I have to tell you a secret", she cups her hand's around my ear and leans close and whispers "I love you the most".
Or little things like "your a good driver"..."I like your dress"...."I'm lucky because your the best cook ever"...
She walked in on me the other day going to the bathroom and she said "Mom you have a big bum", then quickly added "but I like it". I laughed so hard..such a funny sweet little girl.
I can tell Gracie is growing up by the list of presents she gave me...
1. REAL makeup
2. a new dress
3. a charm bracelet
4. a Michael Jackson hat and gloves (she is a HUGE fan)
There wasn't a toy on the list :(

She is also a FANTASTIC reader. She is whizzing through the books the preschool sends home. We were in the car the other day and I asked her to spell SIT ...she spelled it very quickly and asked me to give her another.....she ended up spelling at least 20 words (without help) correctly on her way home....she is so freacking smart.
She picked out this mermaid cake from a book I have....I think it was the funniest cake I've ever made.
I couldn't help but put the candles in her bra....yes this is how I amuse myself.
Grace is a big Michael Jackson fan. She watches his videos and tries to memorize his moves. I think this move is from bad, I love the expression on her face...priceless. I love this girl more then words can say, and no matter how much I express my dismay and her getting older.....if truth be told I am excited to see the woman she will become, I just wish time would go a little slower.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The freaking bane of my existence! days are filled with picking up, stepping on, organizing, putting together, vacuuming up, sorting by color..shape.. genre and oohing and awing over hundreds of Legos. For Christmas my boys received over 6000 Lego pieces.

They each got at least 3 major Lego set ups. Jonas got 2 sets that each had over 2000 pieces. Now I love this toy, they make the kids use their brain and their imagination......but man, they drive me crazy!

My major problem with them is the organizing of the Legos. I mean really were in the fetch do I put all of these millions of lego pieces. Paul refuses to let me put them together in a big bin. The new Legos ( I am told) are to be put together then taken apart and stored in their own bin. But all of the MILLIONS of old lego pieces I have to orginize by color. I have to save all the instruction, we have booklets for over 25 lego sets......I know this post is boring but my Legos and driving me Loco.