Sunday, May 31, 2009

Romatic Getaway?

Paul and I recently decided to go on a "romantic" getaway to beautiful Malibu California. Unfortunately the couple's trip we had planed....turned into a boys trip, plus me. Now I was raised with 8 brother, so being around men is fun for me. But this trip just didn't turn out like I thought it would.
Instead of romantic walks on the beach with Paul......I was forced to take photos of all their tom foolery.

I did get to see my husband without his shirt..(that was on my 'Romantic Getaway' list of things to do)
But I also had to see him without his shirt.....
And him.....
We were able to go out to fancy sea side restaurants.....All five of us...
You might be wondering were Paul is.......wait for it.........
Oh yeah he is arm wrestling the Russian at the next table.....lovely!
We listened to romantic music......wait did I say we.....I mean they.
I thought that maybe Paul and I would get a little physical in the bed room (if you know what I mean....wink wink)
But the boys just got physical in the kitchen.....I really didn't get this one.

At least one of my dreams were fulfilled....I was serenaded , beach side by 4 thirty year old men......It was a dream come true.
Don't feel to bad for all sincerity I love these guys. Even when Paul and I broke up when we were dating ....they stuck by me. It really was a fun trip, but Paul owes me one romantic getaway! ( And Idaho doesn't count)