Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nicholas is 7.....Hallelujah!

My Nicholas......where do I begin? I guess the best way to explain the essence that is Nick is to start at the beginning. One night Paul and I were feeling frisky and.......just kidding. I do, however, want to tell you the story of his birth. At 11:30 on January 30th I was laying in my bed, feeling my stomach tighten and release. The contractions were not that consistent but they were painful. As I sat there feeling the excitement that only comes when you are about to have a baby.....Nick started kicking, not little cute kicks but strong hard soccer like kicks. Then after one particularly painful kick, I felt the strangest feeling in my stomach, it was like a ripping sensation....and then trickle of water. I thought I might be peeing myself (as pregnant woman do from time to time) but when I stood up there was a huge gush of water. Needless to say, we were at the hospital 30 min later. I was in labor for about 6 hours, without progressing very much. The nurse came in and checked me, I was almost 8 centimeters dilated. The nurse thought it would probably be another 2 hours and she left the call the dr. Well not 15 min later I felt unbelevable pressure...I told my husband I thought that Nick was coming out and that he would have to check. Finally Paul was persuaded and he ventured down to have a look at that dark and dreadful place....and guess what he saw...Nicholas' head! He ran out into the hall screeming for a dr....but there was none to be found. The nurse had to call a code white ( while begging me not to push) soon a dr showed up....he was a PODIATRIST! But he caught Nick just in time....though fear was all over the poor mans face!

That is my Nick.....he loves every second of life! He pushed his way into this world, so he could live every second of it. I love my sweet Nick. Two of the first words he learned as a Baby was "out" and "go"! When he was about 11 months he would point at doors and shout "OUT" or "GO". He just hated or should I say hates sitting still. Not in a out of control way, he is just a guy who loves activities! That is why, when I asked him what he wanted to do for his B-day I was not supprised when he said he wanted to go to Idaho and visit his "best" cousen Shelby.

He wanted to have a snowbording cake......we couldn't find a snowborder so Paul bought a GI joe to go into the snowbord we had. If you look closelly he has blood on his face. So funny.

After we opened presents, we went is Nicholas getting a good stretch in before he conquers the lanes!

Not everyone had as good of a time as Nick. Shelby threw her ball into the gutter 3 lanes over, and got a little embaressed, but in the end she had a great time. The Princess just didn't get enough sleep the whole weekend, and was a mess the entire time.
Well here are my top ten things I LOVE about my Nick!
1. He dives wholeheartidly into any and every activity (besides cleaning his room...he hates it....I can't even describe how much he hates it... but I love that too it is so him)
2. He can do a fantastic flip...he flips off diving boards, tramps(the playground equipment), name it!
3. He taught himself to hoola hoop and jump rope! His hoola hooping skills really are amazing!
4. He is so kind to his sister. I get emotional just thinking about it. He holds her hand when they cross the streat to go on thier walks around the col-de- sac. He teaches her how to play games and write her letters. He will even play dolls with her when she needs a playmate. He has a great heart!
5. He is hilarous...his favorite jokes are poo poo jokes, of course.
6. He has my feet! It was one of the first things Paul said when he came flying out of my belly!
7.He puts together some fantastic outfits.....he loves getting dressed up!
8.He is a great dancer....for a ward tallent show he sang "Schools out for summer" and danced and did cartwheels was Awesome!!!!
9.He loves being outside...especially when he is throwing a ball around with his dad (He has his Dad's looks with his Mother's sensibilities).
10.His big brown eyes and huge warm smile.

p.s. I also love his boney hugs. He has no fat on his body so when you hug him it is like hugging bones and muscle.."he has big muscles"