Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We had a Christmas party at grandma and grandpa Mecham house on the 23rd and that is how we started out the Christmas party marathon. The real Santa always comes to Grandma Sherie's house, the rumor is they dated once. The kids get so excited for her party so that they can experience the real thing!We celebrated Christmas Eve at my Parents house. Every year on Thanksgiving we pick pixies, and then throughout December we give our secret pixies little presents. Then on Christmas Eve we reveal who our pixie is and give them our last big gift. It is so much fun, maybe even my favorite thing about Christmas!!! {>

Then Christmas morning it is back to the Brysons for the huge Christmas unwrapping! My mother declares every year that she is going to scale back but she love us all to much to do that. She really does create the most magical Christmas morning ever!Well that is how our Christmas celebrations went over.............we had a great time, but I am still tired from all the festivities. Hopefully after the New Year I will ketch up on my sleep and loose a few inches from my waist.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A White Christmas

I hardly ever just blog about my day......well some would say that I hardly blog at all, but I had a very sweet day. So in the spirit of "Counting my Blessing" I am going to share my lovely day with all of you.
I didn't have much hope for a good day when it started. I woke up grumpy from a lack of sleep (my brother-in-laws car alarm was going of every 40 min, He and my sister live in my basement.)Well I pulled my body out of my bed at 7:20...my children were all playing in Graces room with the door shut, so I snuck into a hot shower, that was my first blessing. Since it was the last day of school before the Christmas break, and considering that it was only a half day, I took my time getting the kids ready. We even stopped at the store before school to buy poinsettias for there teachers. They were 15 min late. It was sweet to watch the boys running into the school holding these huge flowers, so excited to give them to there teachers.
Grace and I then ventured off to the Grocery store on the way she stated " I like it when it's just us girls, the boys are stinky but don't tell them" We both laughed and started saying all the different smells the boys have...poo poo, farts, garbage, ect....But then she got quiet a said that the boys don't smell that bad, maybe they smell like Cinnamon and the girls smell like flowers. I told her she was probably right.
At 12:30 it was time to pick up my boys, as I pulled up to the school they were jumping up and down..yelling at my car across the parking lot. When they got into the car the excitement was palpable. It was defiantly Christmas fever! As we ascended up the hill to our house I decided to take a right instead of a left and go visit my mother. My sister-in-law Maryann was pulling into her driveway at the same time, she had her 3 kids and I had mine so we decided to make them all sing a carol for my mom...unfortunately my 24 year old brother answered, he wasn't quite as delighted as my mother would have been. I have to say that it is defiantly a blessing to have my family so close. Maryann's son is 9 months younger then Jonas and 9 months older then Nick. They go to the same school and are in first, second and third grade.They play at recess and call each other the 3 musketeers. Her daughter and Grace are 5 days apart and are best friends, they play together almost every weekday. But I am getting off the subject of my day. While at my moms house the kids played with her train, they looked in excitement at her HUGE Christmas village, then ran into the big room to marvel over the massive magical Christmas tree, all covered with tinsel. I don't know anyone but my mother who still puts tinsel on the tree....I LOVE IT!
When we got home the kids wanted to go play out in the snow. I usually HATE getting them ready to play in the snow, but not today. I would like to say I was was feeling so full of love that it was a pleasure to serve them, but the truth is it was probably the Excedrin I popped at my moms. As I bundled each of them up I couldn't help but feel all worm and fuzzy they just looked too cute, so puffy with only there smiling faces poking out from beneath there hats. I kissed each of their little noses(my 8 year old protested, but let me in the end). I then got my hat and gloves on so I could shovel the driveway. When I got outside my sister was pushing the kids down the hill. I love having her live with me. It was nice listening to her laugh and joke with the kids as I shoveled the drive.
After about an hour the kids informed me it was time for hot chocolate. I made it with my teapot....I love to hear the whistle! I topped it with whipped cream and sprinkles. After they finnished the kids and I got all cozy in my bed and watched Elf (We have a supper ugly projector and screen up in there....ugly but fun) I left half way through so I could make dinner. I made Pancakes and eggs, I rolled them up with cinnamon and sugar. Then I let them eat them in my bed while they watched the rest of the movie. I still haven't been in my room to asses the damages..but they had fun.
When the movie was over they came downstairs to play Santa, meanwhile I was cleaning there bedrooms. There was something so nice about the way they were laughing with each other. Soon Grace came upstairs to tell me she wanted to go to bed. She does that all the time, and every time she does it amazes me. Well I got her in her pink nightgown, brushed and flossed her teeth. We read some Mother Goose, and when I got up to go she put her little hands on my face and looked at me with her big brown eyes and asked if I could stay and talk "for just a little minute". So we laid nose to nose in her bed on top of her pink pillows, and talked about Christmas and school and "her" boys. Then I called the boys up they brushed and flossed (without argument...a Christmas miracle)
After I kissed them goodnight I went down to clean the kitchen..I turned on the TV and White Christmas was on. I had never seen it, so when the song Count your Blessing came on I was taken back by it's sweet message and I just had to share it with all my blogging buddies. I am sorry for how long and indulgent this post was..maybe you didn't even read it. I wouldn't blame you, but I just had to have a record of this wonderful day and publicly thank God for it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Thankful I'm not in prison.

This Thanksgiving we went to San Francisco with my family. It was great fun, family togetherness, food food and more food, Laughter, games, and visiting a prison! Really, this post is just about the pictures, so enjoy! Well I hope you all enjoyed my Awesome picture of my super cute children! And if any of you are wondering why my eldest is not in any pictures, it's because he went on the radio tour with his dad when we were at Alcatraz. Then he was playing halo with his uncles all thanksgiving....so I do love him, it's just boring taking picture of him playing video games.