Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Gacie Dear!

The day my baby Grace was born, I had such a feeling of completion. It was like I had just given birth to the other half of myself....I know that sounds strange, but there is something about having a daughter that is such a gift. My mother said that when she had me she had a feeling that I would be a companion throughout her life, that is how I felt, well feel about Grace. She is already such a friend to me, and I am thankful for her everyday!
Some of you may have heard me refer to Grace as" The Princess " now let me tell you how that came about. When Grace turned 3 we decided to put her in a big girl bed.....well as I was looking for a bed for Grace and I knew she would probably have her own room, because my husband seems to be dragging his feet when it comes to giving me another baby. So I got her a full sized bed, and since the bed was so big I had to move her out of the nursery and into the toy room. The boy's were slightly put out by this idea and wondered why Grace got a big bed and got to move into the toy room. jokingly I said because she is "The Princess". The boys thought that was funny and so from then on we have called her "The Princess".

Every Birthday we start off with Birthday Pancakes! they consist of Buttermilk Pancakes, whip cream and sprinkles and of course a candle to top them off.

Grace and I had fun all day bringing cookies to her class, buying balloons and the decorations for her cake.
Now lets talk about her cake. I don't want to brag but I have made some pretty fantastic cakes in my day, her cake was not one of them. The first thing that went wrong was the frosting I had never made this particular recipe before and it tuned out not to be very thick (but it was tasty). I thought that if I just frosted the sides of the cake with it that it would be OK but it wasn't! By the time we got back from Chuck-E-Cheese it had crushed all the Ballerinas, but it was delicious.

I will end this blog by writhing 10 things I love about my Gracie girl
1-Her hair.
2-She calls her brothers "Her Boys".
3-She tells me that she wants to go to bed at around 6:50 almost every night.
4-She loves to sing...the songs from Wicked, Enchanted and High School musical 3.
5- She loves to dance.
6-All I have to do to punish her is to threaten to give her a mad face, and if I ever actually have to give her a mad face , she will take her little fingers on the corner of my frown and try to push it up into a smile and if that doesn't work she will break into tears and apologies for her bad behavior.
7-She want to have a baby(sister) almost as much as I do.
8-Sometimes she will start crying and I will ask her why and she will say "I don't know" so I will tell her to go to her room and shut the door until she is done, and she does it with no argument, then she come back down stairs with a smile and announces that she is done. It really is so cute.
9-She is smart ( she read her first book last month)
10-She is a great friend.
Sorry if it seems like I was bragging too much, but what can I say....I am a mother we do that sometimes.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

Gracie got a great game for Christmas it's called Pretty Pretty Princess, and she LOVES it. The only problem is that her siblings are boys, so it is hard to get a group together. Well one day the boys were feeling very sweet toured there baby sister and they agreed to play it with her. Guess who won and who lost.