Friday, February 5, 2010

I want you to take a min. and look at the picture above......THAT'S my Nicholas! That face totally defines him. He is a happy kid who loves life. This year Nick has started so many new things.....he started gymnastics and is doing so well he has already moved up a class. His small physic and strong muscles (I'm not being cute, he really is strong) make him perfect for gymnastics. He also spends his life upside down, he watches TV in a headstand.....such a cutie!
He also started snowboarding this year and Paul says he's AWESOME. Every Friday night he asked if he is going to be able to sleep because he is so excited to go snowboarding the next day.

Nick has always had his own style.....he wanted a shark tooth necklace this year. I searched and searched and finally found one. Doesn't he look awesome.
Nicholas' cake was so funny....and probably the grossest looking cake I've ever made. But it actually tasted delicious.

Nicks birthday was on a Sunday....doesn't he look sharp?
We had a birthday dinner at Grandma Kathy's .....she made one of Nicks favorite dinners, Tortilla soup. And I made all of his favorite deserts, cheesecake, peanut butter bars and chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.
Besides the shark tooth necklace all nick really wanted was an electric guitar and some lessons ....and that's what he got. I can't wait to see him rock out!