Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Jones is nine.....I can't believe it!!!

The other day Jonas was asked to give a talk in primary on prayer. He told me he wanted to prepare it himself, so I gave him a scripture to use and he went in his room to practice. On the way to church he told me he was ready and said he was just going to share some experiences from his life were his prayers were answered. So naturally as I sat in the primary room I was very eager to hear is talk.....and this is how it went.....He first shared his scripture and then he said " now I would like to tell you two times in my life where my prayers were answered.....One day I had a terrible stomach ache, it was so bad I didn't even know what I was going to do, so I said a prayer......and then right after I went into the bathroom and had a HUGE Diarrhea and it made me feel soooo much better!!" When I asked him why he shared that particular story he said "Adults tell funny stories in sacrament meeting all the time....it was appropriate wasn't it?" I laughed and told him it was fine.
That story epitomises my Jones....He is smart, independent, spiritual and very, very funny! Bringing Jonas into this world was a lot different then Nick....Jonas didn't fly out of my belly, he had to be pushed and pushed and finally pulled with huge tongs (and by the sweat of my drs brow) into this world. That should have been a warning to me about how the next few years were going to go. He cried all the way home from the hospital....that's when I knew I was in trouble. Here are a few of the things Jonas Hated when he was little....
Bouncy Chairs, Baby swings, any sort of spontaneous movement, cameras, loud noises, quiet, people, being outside, baths, and bugs! When Jonas was 2 we took him to Gualala on a huge Bryson family trip...he cried the whole time. The only thing that would quiet him down it watching the sound of music....he probably watched it fifteen times when we were there, my family still talks about it.
Jonas was a difficult child but a very funny one as well. He makes me laugh every day, and has since he was little. I can't believe he is nine. It blows my mind...it was just yesterday that he was 18 months and we were walking around the circle reciting the words to HOP ON POP....I would say a page and he would say a page...so cute. This last year has brought about a lot of changes in my Joe...he learned to ride a bike (something that used to terrified him)...he jumped off the deck and into the pond in Gualala....he did the zip line in Costa Rica and he ignores me most of the day. He has grown up, he no longer the fearful little boy he once was ..... I am so proud of him.
Well lets get on with it....we were home for one day in our 3 week vacation, that day was Jonas' birthday. So it wasn't very elaborate but it was fun never the less. He had a Lego Birthday cake.......

Grandma and Grandpa Meacham came over......Jonas' middle name it Alan after Paul's step father.
He got some Lego's from his parent and a really cool cruiser bike....It's black with flames on it...so cool.
Here are the Top Ten things I love about Jonas
1. He is SO SO funny.......Have I mentioned he's funny?
2. He's really smart
3. He sleeps in tightie whities every night and wears a red robe in the morning to cover up.
4. He also sleeps with ear plugs and a mask (which is funny because he also wants the door open and the bathroom light on)
5. He reads a lot
6. He is so nice to everyone
7. He is a great piano player
8. He is in love with Britney an will tell anyone who asked (he says she is the only one in the world who is allowed to push him on a swing)
9 He has never been afraid to be himself....never!
10. He wants to be a brain doctor and a children's author.