Friday, March 20, 2009

Grace is ready for summer!!!

Grace got a new swimsuit from Grandma...her 4th this month!!! I know.. I know.. I spoil "The Princess". But in my defense all her old swimsuits were so last season....and 2 sizes too small!! These poses are her own...she looks a little like one of those crazy baby beauty pageant girls...but still too cute!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stop being so perfect

I was in relief society, when a friend of mine came in and plopped down next to me. She let out a big sigh and said something like…..”My biggest problem is that I compare my self to people….I look around this room and I feel so blah.” I took a look around the room and saw nothing but geriatrics. But I told her that you can’t know who a person is by what they seem like at church. We are all dressed up… behaving our best. We shower are kids for the first time that week. She went on to tell me that she feels overlooked in our ward. She was bothered that a new girl in the ward (who was only like 22) was called to be a relief society teacher…she said she had been on a mission and was older, yet she was not even considered. I told her she didn’t know that….maybe she was considered but she had a new baby…ect ..ect. Well the class started and the relief society president stood up and was introducing all the visitors ….she looked at my friend and asked her if she was new in the ward (she has been in the ward for about 2 years). I leaned over and said “I don’t think you were considered”

I felt bad for this friend, but the more I thought about it, I realized that I feel bad for woman in general. We do this to ourselves far too often….we compares ourselves to each other. I remember when I was in relief society in my San Diego ward, and a lady stood up and said she had visited a friend who home schooled her 7 children ….she said that her friend never raised her voice or got angry at her kids…and now because of her friends example she never raises her voice either. I remember thinking that that story was ridiculous….even if it was true that this lady NEVER raised her voice….do we really need to hear about it. Do we need to feel guilty that we yell at our kids from time to time? As Dr Phil would say “Let’s get real”! We are all flawed. Even our friend who seems to always have perfect parenting stories on her blog….is a brat sometimes. No matter how much facebook flirting someone does with their husband….they probably fight as much as you do with yours.

Take me for example… are some of my deep dark secrets that you can’t see when I am dressed up in my Sunday best.

  1. My kids say that after 8:30 that I turn into “MAD MOMMY”
  2. I feed my daughter dino nuggets far too often
  3. My left breast hangs a good inch lower than my right one.
  4. On any given Saturday you can find my oldest son in tighty whities and a red robe until about 1:00 in the afternoon. ( the robe isn’t always a part of this lovely lounge ware)
  5. I go to weight watchers.
  6. I sometimes turn a blind eye to the hours of Spongbob being watched.
  7. Cereal is considered an acceptable dinner.
  8. My sons fingernails sometimes look like the dragon lady.
  9. I have shoved chips under the couch when I heard my husband come home.
  10. I have taken a nap in the gym parking lot. (more that once)
  11. I roll my eyes at my husband WAY too often.
  12. I give crusties to skinny girls.

I know you all thought I was perfect….well the cats out of the bag now. So let’s all just chill out….lets embrace what we love about ourselves and not stress so much about the things we are trying to change. I also would like it if some of you ladies who read my blog could change some thing about yourselves to make me feel better.

Annie-Please stop keeping your house so clean, not one room in my house has ever been ½ as clean as your whole house on any given day. Also if you could try not to be such a talented singer, writer and anything else you try. ….that would be great. Ohh and stop making friends …it just puts a spot light on how socially retarded I am.

Lori- Please stop loosing weight and running all the time. If you run that marathon with Paul I will have to kill myself….Love ya.

Kristi- Please stop writing books….I mean really who does that.

Alisha- Please stop being the cutest pregnant lady on the planet. Oh and if you could stop being so charming all the time ….I have never known anyone so delightfully fun. One more thing no more pre pregnancy bikini pictures you look far to perfect.

Auntie Donna- Please stop being so on top of everything. If you could also stop taking such fantastic pictures that would be great….they just but my photo to shame….and you don’t want that, do you?

And to anyone else who reads my blog….just stop being too great. Gain a little weight, be a little lazy…..let things go a bit. Do it for me. ……Of course I don’t mean any of this, I want you all to stay just as you are, because you all inspire me. Your talents blow my mind and make me want to be better.

Here is one more flaw of mine, I never know how to end my blogs… good by!