Monday, September 28, 2009

fearless fishermen

Grandpa and Grandma Mecham took us fishing Saturday. The boys were so excited.....the girls, well...not so much.
But we put on happy faces, and Grandpa bought a pink fishing pole for the princess; so that helped.
Jonas caught the first fish,and it was a beauty.

Here and the MEN reelling in the second fish....their skills really impressed the ladies.

This is Grace BEFORE she cought her fish.....
This is the princess after..........dead fishies are both sad and scary.
Jonas and Nick were proud of their can't tell from this picture but we caught 4 rainbow trout and one cutthroat.

Grandpa is to thank for all the fish....he know all the secrets; I was very impressed. We also need to thank Grandma, for all the tasty treats.
This is the happiest Grace was all day....Going home.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I got my blood pumping!

IT’S A MIRACLE!!!! Paul and I went out on a date last night, we had a night out on the town (or at least a couple hours).I have to admit when Paul asked me to go meet his friend Jaron …who is in town from Paris,( ooh la la isn’t he fancy) I was reluctant….. First of all I had a young woman’s activity that night so we wouldn’t even be heading out the door until 9:00. Not to mention that going to a dive bar to sing karaoke after being with the young women didn’t mesh well. I was also PMSing big time, which also meant I am not Pregnant, so that pissed me off. What I am trying to say is that I was in a bad mood. But Paul’s powers of persuasion wore me down and I agreed to go out.

I lightened up when we walked into the place and Jaron was there, he’s the funniest guy, and he and Paul always make me laugh. When the karaoke began I knew I would be there a lot longer then the promised 10:30 deadline. Paul and Jaron LOVE karaoke. First Paul gets up and sings “Try a little tenderness” and between his perfect pitch and his awesome hitch kicks….he nails it. Then Jaron up and he sings “La Woman”…and you could have sworn that Jim Morrison himself was in the room. Between Jaron and Paul’s many, many, many songs I am forced to listen to some terrible singing by all the BYU students that have invaded the establishment. After listing to all the off pitch renditions of some of my favorite songs, I start to gain a little confidence in my abilities. I think….I can sing better then THAT. So I asked Paul to sing a duet with me.

When I take my first step onto the stage I know I have made a HUGE mistake. My heart is pounding and I am getting sweaty……and I know I have already broken the first cardinal rule of karaoke …”show no fear”!!! And as Paul places that microphone into my shaking hand and the music begins, I know it’s going to be a disaster. The first notes out of my mouth are shaky and best. Someone yells “Get off the stage”…I think about it for a moment…could I get away with just setting my microphone on the floor and walking off. No I have to finish, so I try to get some courage and I belt out “well you just roll over and turn out the light”…but the voice that comes out isn’t mine…it has to be someone else’s because it is just awful. The audience starts to get bored and decides to tease us by yelling “kiss” kiss”…..I probably should have just kissed Paul, at least then my mouth would have been shut….. But I don’t like to do that in front of people. The fact that I am not kissing my husband starts to be even more awkward than the singing….but Paul lightens up the crowd by saying “this is what marriage is….if you want kisses stay single”. Finally the music ends….the torture for me and the crowed is over, and as a slink back to my seat….Jaron informs me that someone said to him, “Don’t you wish they had a trap door sometimes”. I tell Jaron I sure wished they did. It would have saved me from myself and from the guy currently singing a Creed song.

I wanted to leave right away….but I stayed and slapped a smile on my face and tried to enjoy the rest of the evening. When we got home that night at 12:30 I still felt humiliated….but the more I thought about it, the more proud of myself I became. Yes I stunk up the joint and embarrassed myself…..but I tried something new and I did something scary. I got my blood pumping and that’s always a good thing!