Sunday, July 29, 2007

motherhood, cooking, photography blah, blah,blah

I am writing this blog for my bestest friend, Annie. I spent alot of time pondering what my first blog would be about, unfortunatly I am not to interesting. So I decided to write about that.
When ever anyone asked what my interests are three words come out of my mouth; motherhood, cooking, and photography. The problem with that is just as they come out of my mouth, the same three word are spewed simultaneously from millions of mothers all over the world. It not our faults...we are home with our children all day with nothing to do but cook, take pictures, OH and lets not forget placing said pictures into very crafty scrapbooks.
I know that I am simplifying what we do as mothers, our job is complex and most days very fulfilling. I just sometimes wish that I could be one of those mothers that say " oh I am a professor of micro biology at Yale". Actually I would hate being a micro biologist....I guess that is why I am a mother, because it's what I have always wanted to be. I just wish it wasn't so freaken' common.