Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer time killers

Jonas, Nicholas and Grace all posing for the camera....getting ready to scooter up to Bridalveil Falls!
Grace LOVES to pose for the camera...first we have the sweet face pose..
Her "I'm to hot to trot" pose...(she really is just putting that face on for the camera, she's not grumpy....just COOL)
The classic "over the shoulder" pose
The "sassy dancer" pose....
And the "Hello Boys" pose....
Nick looking cool in his shades....
Rock climbing and wedgies...

" A rock for an eye...Jonas your so crazy"
Scooting back to the car....
And last but not least Jonas and Nick complaining about the stench coming from the porta potties and them talking about how the toilets have to be extra big so they can fit all the poop!
These two pictures were taken at Cabelas ....another summer time killer!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jonas...another funny quote!

The kids had a sleepover this week. The biggest plan for the night was the 1:00 AM bed time!! I didn't think that in a million years that they would make it, their normal bedtime is 8:00...but they did make it! Even the princess made it to 12, and she asks to go to bed at 6:45 every night. Well at 1:15 the house is quiet....the kids are sleeping! I close my eyes, start the drift off and I hear a knock...It's Jonas, he can't sleep. I walk him back to bed and tuck him in. This happens 2 more times....then I hear him in the bathroom, pretending to vomit this point it's almost two and I am getting very angry!!!! I take him into my I wont wake up the other children with all my yelling.

I explain to him that he will never be able to sleep if he keeps getting out of bed.

I tell him that he wont be able to have a sleepover ever again, if he doesn't go to bed.

I say, that I have trouble sleeping ever night and how would he feel if I woke him up every 5 sec to tell him that I can't sleep.

Then he says.." Mom you need to stop talking because you are making me feel like I don't even I am not even a person....It's like I am not even here!"

Well I want him to feel like a person, so I soften up a bit and he comes and sits next to me in my bed....I soften my approach, but I by no means am ready to stop my lecture ( we are both delirious with sleepiness at this point) I continue by pointing out that his younger siblings are maybe they will be able to have a sleepover again, but he will have to miss out because he wont go to bed. ( I admit that was a bit below the belt).

He looks at me and says ..." I think I am going to faint, because of all the HORROR!!"

You may be asking yourself ....what is the HORROR? Did he watch a scary movie.....did he have a bad dream....did he hear a strange noise? No.....I am the HORROR! I busted up laughing, and so did he...

Then he gets all cozy under my covers...props his head on his hand ....looks at me with his red sleepy, big brown eyes and says...."I just wish there was one place in the house, that was really cozy, that I could sleep."

So I turn of the light and he falls asleep in about 1/2 a sec. He snores like a rhino for about an hour...then at 3:30 I take him back to bed. I didn't fall a sleep until almost 5..(but you didn't see me waking him up)

Monday, June 15, 2009

First hike of the summer...

Here are some Photo's from our fist adventure of the summer....The Dinosaur Discovery Park! Or like we like to call it...The Dino Debacle. First of all we thought it was only 2 hrs to Vernal.....the picture above was taken during the 3rd hour of driving. Paul was giving Nick scratches.
When we got there the Museum/fossil exhibit was closed down for renovations ( I wish they would have posted that on their web site) but we could still take the hike.
Here are the kids setting off on the adventure....
Grace is already tuckered's been about 2 min.

Cactus are cool...
Grace and Jonas showing off a bone (rock) they found in the trail...
Grace showing everyone another bone she went on and on like that for a mile.

We stumbled upon a huge mud slide, so we made clay creations....even Paul joined in on the fun.

AHhhhh love!
It started to poor on the way back to the one was too happy about it. I was wearing a white T-shirt so a picture of me would have been x-rated.

Luckily I had dry cleaning in the back of the the kids all drove home in silk shirts.....doesn't Nick look pretty!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Are you only young once?

Paul and I were laying in bed the other night, he was reading one of his DEPRESSING novels and I was lying there with my book on my chest...staring at the ceiling fan. Paul looked at me and said "do you want to talk about something?". " No, I'm just thinking..." I replied. "sigh...Although, Do you think I have lost all my ambition....or have my opportunities to be ambitious just dwindled." All Paul could really say was ..."What?!"

You see, as I was staring at that terribly ugly ceiling fan, I was reminiscing on the girl I was in high school. Earlier that day I had stumbled across an old photo album. I couldn't help but marvel at all the photos of me staring at the camera with total confidence....a complete love of self! So that night as I lay in my bed I thought of the girl I used to be. I was ambitious....I had dreams. For example when I was young I wanted to be in a musical more then when I got to high school I tried out every year and, didn't make it...until my senior year...I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I sang in front of hundreds of people! How the hell did I do THAT? You can't even get me to sing karaoke now! I also can't believe I kept trying and year after year I didn't even make the chorus ....but I never gave up.

I was Jr Class President...I remember the day I signed up to run for the office. I was asleep in my algebra class, something startled me, so when I woke up all my books fell on the floor. There was drool on my face...I laughed. The boy next to me was picking up my books..( he was new, but was very popular already) he noticed my registration form and asked me what I was running for, I told him I was running for Jr class president......he said he was too. Then he Laughed, and said (in a very snide tone) "good luck". You see I fell asleep in algebra every day..I had fallen out of my seat on multiple occasions and drool was no stranger. So this guy thought that I was no competition.....I wiped the floor with him. ( on a side note, he ran against me for student body president and won by a land slide). But what I marvel at more then winning, is the fact that I knew I was going too...even when he laughed at me, inside I was thinking he was such an idiot and that he didn't know who he was up against.

Really that story epitomizes who I was back then....A total nerd, with a butt load of confidence. In PE I had to bat at the same (special) spot as the down syndrome girl in the class. They used to call me "fall down girl" because I was constantly tripping on my shoes...the reason was I had to wear shoes that were a size to big, because of my super wide hobbit feet. I would blast my footloose soundtrack as Annie and I would belt it out at the top of our lungs in the school parking lot.....but I didn't care. I NEVER cared what other people thought of me. I didn't care that I had no rhythm....I would dance my heart out. I didn't care that my boyfriend went to another high school. I didn't care that all the "popular" kids hated me when I put "mods" and "nerd" in charge of events, when I was in student government. I Loved who I was!

Now the question I still love who I am?................Yes. I can say that with complete confidence. I may not want my picture taken all the time. I also may want my pose to be just more head on......face forward shots for me. (At least not for now). But I do like who I am.

With that being said, I do worry that I ( as a lot of mothers do) get so lost in caring for my lovely, loud babies.....that I don't take the time to go after my dreams. Those dreams that find me in my quiet moments. The ones that whisper....go back to school, study photography. your own bakery......Or....put that doughnut down, and go to the gym and get the body you deserve. I love myself but I have lost that drive and confidence of my youth...I have to get it back! For heavens sake I'm only 32!!!!