Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It has been too long since my last blog...and I can say I do not know how long it will be until my next, but I had such a great time with the Family in Hawaii that I had to write something and of coarse post some pics. The picture above is only my family but not all of them.....there were 30 of us on this trip, it was quite the crew. In 2007 we have added 2 new sister in laws and 1 new baby.

The trip had a bumpy start, first our original flight was canceled so we had to leave a day early and stay in Malibu for a night. Our flight from Utah to LA resulted in lost luggage and a search for an available rental car. The above shots show my children's delight in the situation.

But once we were there...their attitudes quickly changed. The boys had loads of fun on the water slides...and baby darlin' loved the sand pool.

We celebrated Christmas at the hotel. There were loads of questions about the logistics of Santa getting in without a chimney. Also "why were Santa's presents wrapped in the same paper as mom and dad presents"...."how did he get into mom and dads room without us noticing" ...it went on and on. But it wasn't to hard to explain, because Santa is magic!

One of our greatest adventures of the trip was going to all the waterfalls. The kids were great little hikers and the falls were all beautiful. Well...that was the trip...and this was the blog, I have to apologizes for the lack of amusing antidotes...but all my attention was focused on the technical aspects of blogging...and for anyone who know me, that can be very overwhelming.

Photo's of 2007