Saturday, September 20, 2008

Five a clock Monday morning

Woken up without a warning

#s1 and2 are vibrant full of glee

Cereal, cereal” they demand of me

I pull myself out of bed

Down the stairs I slowly head

#2 is in my arms

#1 wants lucky charms

Quiet, quiet” I softly plea

Do not wake #3

I drag my body back to bed

The babies call is what I dread

Awake to the cry of #3

A diaper change, she needs of me

As I quickly clean the poo

I hear the call of #2

It’s bath time now for the boys

Soapy tub full of toys

Water ends up everywhere

1 and 2 don’t even care

I shower now but not alone

#1 has an agitated tone

#2 has art to show

#3 soaking wet, head to tow

It’s off to school at 8:30

The baby is already dirty

First I drop of #2

Then #1, now I’m through

Naptime now for #3

Cleaning time for me you see

Wake up baby at 12:00

Pick up #2, we talk

Shopping now we go

With two kids we go slow

Now at home we have some fun

At 3:30 we pick up one

I make dinner, 3 kids at my feet

In walks dad, with smiles they greet

We sit down for our meal

But not without one big spill

Bath time now for the baby

She is so sweet our little lady

I lay her softly into bed

I slowly stroke her little head

Dad is gathering up the boys

#2 wants to sleep with toys

Cat Stevens dad will play

As the boys sweetly lay

The crazy day is now over

I spend some time with my lover

He is my husband smart and funny

He makes my life warm and sunny

Now as I lay in my bed

A crazy thought runs through my head

I dream of having#4

Yes I need at least one more.

The Photo above is of my children around the time I wrote this poem.....this is a photo of my children now!

So do any of you fellow bloggers see my problem..........Were the fetch is #4!!!!!!! I ask myself this Question constantly, I also ask my husband this question. We used to have mature conversations about it. I used to ask him questions like "So dearest, when do you think we could add another little angle to our heavenly home?" Now I just find myself screaming "WERE IS MY BABY!!!" Now I really don't want to be crass, but that is what I have become. The tic toc of my biological clock is slowlly driving me insane.
I will ask you....Is it sane to jump three rows in reliefsociety to grab another woman baby, and heaven forbid if that mother looks at her child...for if she does she will hear a shrill "TURN AROUND". I am not kidding, I really did this. I literally grab a baby from his frightened mothers arms and that yelled at her for looking at him..(I didn't want him to go back to her)
I really can't do anything about this situation....besides maybe drugging my man. I guess I just had to vent my frustrations. Thanks for reading Annie, Kristie,and Lori.