Friday, February 25, 2011

Do I really need to say this again?

As mothers don't we all get sick of saying the same things over and over and over and over again.......I sure do. There are some things that I have been saying almost every day since the picture above was taken, and I'll probably be saying these same things until they go on a mission or off to college. Let me share some of these sayings with you...

1. Do you have underwear on? Put on your underwear. Nick I just put away a week and a half worth of laundry and it didn't have any undies in it.....

2. GO TO BED! Quiet down. Go to sleep. ......Do you want 3 jobs tomorrow?

3. Gross.

4. Stop making that sound.....let's play the quiet game....whoever says another word gets a job.

5. Take the dog out....let the dog in....take the dog out.....let the dog in

6. Guys when you clean your room please put the DIRTY laundry in the hall......not the CLEAN laundry, only the DIRTY laundry....if I see any clean laundry you'll get another job...(needless to say I will go up the check said laundry and find clean clothes that are still FOLDED in the pile...seriously)

7.Brush your teeth....let me look and your didn't brush your teeth ....go brush your teeth.

8. The floor is not a garbage.

9. Your bored.....I can find you some thing to do.

10. Gross.

11. Eat one more bite...three more bites....five more bites....BIG BITES...

12. Flush the toilet...who didn't flush the toilet....Gross

13. Throw away your paper plate but not your fork.......who threw away their fork?

14. Put on your coat....were is your coat....didn't you bring a coat to school

15. Wash those hand....wash your face....wash your FEET

16. Gross

17. put on socks....where are your socks...whats that smell, Joe i told you to wear socks.

18. who wants a job....because I have a lot of stuff I want done.

The list goes on and on.....I just thought i should record it so one day when my kids are complaining that their children don't listen, I can remind them that they didn't either. Of course I'm not talking about the princess.....she's an angel ;)


Anne-Marie said...

Hahahaha!!! Loved it! I've said pretty much all the same to my boys. Especially "let me see your teeth? and smell your breath?"

Alisha Joy said...

hahahahha!! Love it!! The underwear thing especially! Diesel does the same thing!! Only all his pants are WAY too big cause they're River's hand me downs and River skipped size six so they all Diesel's pants are size 8 (and way too big) and Diesel's naked bum is constantly hanging out. "DIESEL!! Go put on underwear!!" ... "oops Mom, I keep forgetting!."

Sarah said...

All of Nicks pants are way too big as well....but the major problem is when he goes to gymnastics in is loosey goosey sport shorts....not good.

Pat & Donna said...

LOVE IT...... just FYI you will miss it when they all move out and silence fills the once chatty rooms and hallways....... but then again, in that there is joy at times too.....
yet when the children bring your grandkids back to fill the silence with long forgotten times of "chatter" music to the sense.... truly magical