Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Education

I went to a Private School for first grade. My mother says I was the cutest thing ever and my teacher was a push over.....if I didn't feel like doing something.....I didn't have to. Also my sweet little brother Jake went to preschool there, he didn't like it when he would cry they would bring in his big sister to calm him down. Needless to say when I entered 2nd grade in public school it wasn't long until my teacher showed up at our house (they did that way back then) to tell my mother I wasn't ready for 2nd grade. I remember crying in front of a mirror .....very dramatic! So I repeated 1st grade.....not a good start for my academic career....and it sort of explains my spelling.

I loved my second grade teacher....but that's all I really remember about it. 3rd grade was a disaster.....I talked ALL the time. We had these punch cards and if you got a certain amount of punches then you couldn't go to Lagoon at the end of the year......I was the ONLY 3rd grader who couldn't go. Cried in front of a mirror again.

In 4th grade I started a new school. I hated it and apparently I started eating my feeling because I got a little chubby. I had a hard time making friends. But we did make homemade root beer that that was good. Oh and I was still flunking all my spelling tests.

5th grade was my most painful year! My brother told people my name was Bertha and in "big Bertha". I would chase boys around the playground telling them I wanted to marry them. My only friends were the other girl with hairy armpits and the girl who wet her pants once. (and if either read my blog....I was in the same boat) My grades were fine...but definitely not great!

6th grade I stated to thin out a bit....which made life easier. But my period started...and no one should have to deal with that on a mini toilet. I started to do sort of well in math, but spelling....not so great!

7th grade .......BOYS= bad grades! I got my first "boyfriend" but he tried to hold my hand, so we broke up.

8th grade......Boys= bad grades!

9th grade......high school boys = REALLY bad grades! My parents grounded me for 3 month until the next report card came out. I pulled my grades up. and I kept pulling them up! Ended the year pretty strong! But the biggest news of nineth grade was my "senior boyfriend" we never dated or held hands or anything....but he was my boyfriend. And he wore a cherry pie t-shirt and short overalls......Hot!

10th grade not much happened. Got pretty good grades and I was really into drama.

11th grade my only year of school that I actually felt really proud of. I got great grades....I was Jr class president. My first kiss (at 17....remember that children)

12th grade I just glided by.....I knew I wouldn't get into BYU so I settled on UVSC . And stopped trying. I took like 3 real classes then a lot of stupid electives. But I did have a lot of fun.

UVSC........well it had the hall of flags....or should I say the hall of distractions! I just would walk down the hall talk to someone and then miss class....not good. I was put on academic probation and the end of my second year....

Why have I told you all of this.....First to explane my sigh of relief and the PRIDE that my children do so FANTASTIC in school. They all take it seriously....Thanks in most part to my husband who is inches away from 2 amazing example for my babies!! And because my kindergartner starts 1st grade next year and I will have 6 hours a day to myself and I am at a loss of what to do. I always thought I would have more now what.
Well I've been contemplating my education and weather or not I should give it another try. I am not a student....and I don't know if I have the ability to be one. But I don't think ending my education on academic probation is exactly the example I want to be to my children........

I know I'm a lot more then my education gives me credit for.......I just wonder how much more I could be with a little more education.......


Anonymous said...

Oh I love you Sarah! This all sounds strangely similar. Ha ha! Hope my kids do better than I ever did too.

Amy Kohler said...

I will feel confident with my educational abilities until I can no longer help my kids with their homework. I hope that day never comes! Good Luck! Maybe start with an Independent Study class. That's what I plan to do someday.

Anne-Marie said...

Sarah, you are and always have been stellar! I was terrible in school too for many of my years, but that doesn't define intelligence. Though I would completely support you continuing your education. Or anything you do for that matter. Even pole dancing.

Pat & Donna said...

love this post..... Mad me think of way back in the day for me.... lets just say I blocked it all out....... or contrived a remberance that was far from the truth.... love you sarah.... honesty!!!! love you!!! but we shall never speak of my school DAZE.... lol