Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pauls home...let's eat.

While Paul was out of town I lost 6 lbs! That's amazing! I really buckled down and ate super good and exercised a ton. Now Paul is back.... I love when Paul's home, but it makes eating healthy a challenge. I try to pin down why that is.....and I've come to the conclusion that I just love Paul. And when we are together I want to have fun with him every min. I want to go to fancy restaurants, eat desert in bed,and surprise my man with yummy goodies. Also Paul has a major sweet tooth.

This attitude isn't exactly bad. It's just not conducive to dieting. But considering the fact that Paul is only home 4 1/2 days in the next 2 weeks I think I can indulge a little bit when he's here.

Paul travels a lot and that make being a mother a little harder. It's all on me a lot of the time. Any woman who experiences this knows there are tricky aspects to this situation. Lets just start with the fact that there is no one to take care of the technical difficultys....Jonas helps when he can, but there have been many times that I have said "the computer isn't working?....oh, well you'll have to wait a week until your dad gets home."that never goes over well. You also have to drop off and pick up everyone, every time. All bedtime stories and kisses and complaints are handled by you and you alone. All question and needs have to be aswered by you.

Sometimes though, handling your spouse who travels is even harder then taking care of the kids. It's a tricky situation. Paul will call me at the worst times....like while I'm putting the kids to bed or making dinner or driving them to lessons. He's lonely and needs some attention, but all of mine is being directed at the kiddos. And then there are the times when I call him, because I'm lonely and I miss having him next to me and he is in a meeting or a sleep because he's in a later time zone. Most of the time our phone calls are hit and miss. It creates a little tension because we worry about each other and our relationship when he is away.

Traveling is hard on both of us, so when he gets home I want to soak up every min with him. And indulge in fancy dates and fancy food. I'm glad he's back for a day or two and if he wants to cuddle with me in bed and eat a dish of ice cream. I'll have a 1/2 cup and be grateful he's next to me.


hima said...

Congratulations on your achievement! Go ahead and indulge girl, just don't fall to far! :)


Anne-Marie said...

Enjoy the time with your honey-that doesn't involve carrot sticks! You have made such a huge accomplishment and you continue to inspire me as I still struggle to get to my goal. love you sweets.

Amy Kohler said...

I actually eat better when my husband is home because when he's gone I'm eating chicken nuggets and hot dogs with the kids. I go to a much better effort when he's home :)

Anonymous said...

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